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Patient Google Reviews

Patient’s have rated and reviewed Dr. Donaldson on google, however, the reviews show up sporadically from time to time and disappear rather quickly. Hair Regrowth Centers has been capturing them as they come in and post them here for now as we are working with google to correct this issue.

A.C. Pebble Beach, Ca.

My daughter was suffering from severe eating disorder and due to her malnutrition, she started loosing her hair. She was coloring her hair all sorts of colors, blue, green, and pink to try to cover the thinning as well as wearing different hats. The hair thinning and loss got so out of control that she stopped leaving the house. Her psychiatric team referred us to Dr. Donaldson who has become her savior. It has been almost 3 years but the remarkable hair growth has given her confidence back. She is slowly getting her life together again and her hair regrowth has played a major role in it.  Dr. Donaldson is a god sent. Our whole family thanks her and we highly recommend her genius skills to any one who is suffering from hair loss.


J.W., Carmel, Ca.

Thin hair getting thinner!  Products on the market gave me big promises — no results.  I was referred by a friend to Dr. Donaldson, founder of the Hair Regrowth Centers and had REAL results within six months.  I have been with Dr Donaldson three years and love my new hair!  This one really works!  Dr. Donaldson has the knowledge and the care to see that each patient does require a different “touch”.  I am very pleased with Dr. Donaldson.

M.N. Carmel, Ca.

I was very skeptical to try Dr. Donaldson. I had hair loss of over 30 years and had tried everything there was to try. My hairdresser highly recommended Dr. Donaldson  based on the fact that she had seen so many of her clients’ regrow their hair. After I checked out her website, I was so very impressed that I gave it a go. I still can’t believe how she is growing my hair. I hope she doesn’t become too busy to not care for us common folk! Thank you Dr. Donaldson!!!


K.C. Monterey, Ca.

I was desperate to find a way to grow back the hair I lost and to stop any more hair loss. I even thought about going under the knife so to speak. And then I found Dr. Donaldson, she is the only person who’s been able to help me regrow my hair and I am so amazed at the progress I have made. My hair dresser also told me that she can see so much hair on the top of my head and more coming in. Dr. Donaldson is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She is working miracles for me. Thank you Dr. Donaldson for helping me. I am so happy to know you.


M.F. Monterey, Ca.

I first heard about Dr. Donaldson from my cousin. I couldn’t believe how much hair my cousin hair grown on her head and eyebrows specially. I had no doubt it would also work for me. I was RIGHT! I had “A LOT” of hair loss and I used to use powder to cover my scalp. I have enough hair growth to where I NEVER have to use that cover up powder any more. Than you Dr. Donaldson!


H.B. San Diego, Ca.

I am 33 years old. When I learned about Hair Regrowth Centers and Dr. Donaldson and saw her success rate with her patients I knew I had to give this a try. Her customized approach was so very successful that after 8 months of using her hair serum and during the holidays everyone in my family noticed the difference in my hair. I received a lot of compliments and that was so encouraging and made me realize how much difference was made in my life. I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson’s Hair Regrowth Centers to everyone who is going through hair loss and hair thinning.


S.F., Pebble Beach, Ca.

Dr. Donaldson changed my life. She brought back confidence into my life by helping me have my hair back. I am forever thankful.


A.W. Monterey, Ca.

My wife literally dragged me to Dr. Donaldson’s office kicking and screaming. I am 81 years old and have been loosing hair since my 30’s and 40’s. I thought this was another hoax and didn’t think it would work after all the years of hair loss.  How my hair is coming back at my age……I don’t know! I am always in Awwwwwwwww. I guess the worst part of this is having to deal with my wife who continues to tell me “I told you so”! I will continue to use this hair solution and am very happy so far.


T.R. and W.R., Santa Fe, New Mexico

My husband and I both heard about Dr. Donaldson from a friend who lives in the Monterey Peninsula. We actually saw her when we went to visit. We had two different kind of hair loss and she designed specific formulas for each one of us. We both grew back a lot of hair back and are completely satisfied. We recommend Dr. Donaldson to anyone who is loosing hair.

T.R. and W.R.

B.B., Pacific Grove, Ca.

Dr. Donaldson has been an absolute life saver for me. I suppose that most people have certain things that bother them more than others. My hair is one of the things that I was really upset about when it started thinning. I had thick but fine hair when I was young and as I aged it continued to thin. I tried other products but didn’t see any results until I heard about Dr. Donaldson. I started using my prescription in September of 2018 and I noticed very quickly how the amount of hair loss when shampooing had lessened. Excited I continued and then I began to see new growth. About 6 months of use had made an amazing change in the appearance of my hair. Even the shininess was returning. I am now at the 10 month mark and even my hairdresser is impressed with how think my hair now is. I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson to anyone who has hair loss and thinning and want to get back the hair you once had.

R.C. Carmel, Ca.

I couldn’t tell wether this treatment was working in the first year. I suppose when you look at yourself in the mirror every day, it is hard to tell a difference. But my hair stylist could tell a huge difference. She noticed my hair was growing in faster and therefore I went in more often for my hair cuts. I also required more hair color as more hair was coming in and thicker too. She said she was using twice as much hair color to cover the gray soon into my treatment. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Dr. Donaldson.


A.D. Fresno, Ca.

I am a golfer with 20 year plus hair loss. I am exposed to the sun everyday and even though I cover my hair, wearing a hat I am always in danger of skin cancer, I have been afflicted with melanoma on my scalp. Hair Regrowth Centers helped me regrow my own hair and that in turn protects my skin as well as make me look and feel younger. I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson’s hair clinic and her expertise.


T.W. New York

I had hair thinning and hair loss to the point where I had to get hair extensions all over my head. Despite the fact that it looked like I had more hair, my hair was getting unhealthier, drier, duller, and would break and fall out al the time. I learned about Hair Regrowth Centers and Dr. Donaldson. In the first year of my treatment we were able to take out the extensions on one side and in the next two years, Dr. Donaldson’s treatment helped me remove the rest of the extensions and put health and vitality back into my hair. My confidence has returned again and I owe it all to Dr. Donaldson.


S.C., Houston, Texas

I had breast cancer about 10 years ago. I lost all my hair after chemotherapy and it didn’t come back completely. It took me 5 years to find Dr. Donaldson. I didn’t think lost hair of 5 years could come back. I thought chemotherapy destroyed my hair to the point that it would never grow back. Dr. Donaldson explained the effects of chemotherapy very eloquently to me and discussed my options. I have to say that a lot of my hair came back after the first year but I was eager to continue the treatment which I did. My hair continued to come back and I was very pleased with the growth after 3 years. I am ever more appreciative of what Dr. Donaldson has done for me. I recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from what I suffered.


T.S., Dallas, Texas

I am 53 years old and was going through a horrible divorce and started loosing my hair so very fast. I heard about Dr. Donaldson and Hair Regrowth Centers and gave her a try. It is the best decision I ever made. Every penny I spent was worth getting my hair back. After almost 3 years, I feel I have more hair than I ever had. I am thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend her if you are loosing hair.


D.R. Florida

I’m sooo very pleased to offer my endorsement of the Hair Growth Center and the genius of Dr. Moojan Donaldson!  I’ve been an enthusiastic patient for 11 months. Now in my late 60s, I can happily say, I have a very full head of hair much like I had in my 20s!

My new growth is absolutely STUNNING to see (and feel!). 

I never dreamed I would ever have hair like this at my age and after less than a year of consistently using my custom created topical liquid!  

I’m so thrilled, I will continue working with Dr Donaldson until she tells me I no longer need her!  I pray she stays healthy and safe because without her skills and expertise, I would still be bemoaning my thinning, dull lifeless hair from before!

With a success rate of promoting hair growth in “100% of the people 100% of the time”, there is absolutely no downside to giving Dr Donaldson a call!  As an extremely satisfied client, I can say with confidence:



J. S. Los Angeles, Ca.

I am taken back by the growth of my hair in such a short period of time. I work in a job that is face to face for clients and my self esteem and productivity has gone up exponentially. My hair is the longest it has ever been now! Without this serum, I guarantee life would have turned out differently. And I don’t mean in a good way at all! I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson’s approach and treatment for hair loss and hair thinning.


M.B., Carmel, Ca.

I am blown away by the remarkable hair growth I have had in only 2 years. I had sever hair loss and hair thinning and I was forced to wear a wig. Dr. Donaldson figured out what was causing my hair loss and customized a special solution just for me. I think I can stop wearing my wig now but I wore it for so many years that I need to psychologically part from it. I thank Dr. Donaldson every single day for giving me my hair back. Without her, I would have lost what little I had left and instead my bare scalp no longer shows. Thank you Dr. Donaldson again and again.

At Hair regrowth Centers, we restore the health of your hair. We know that hair loss and hair thinning is a very stressful and devastating event. There are numerous risk factors and causes that lead to these conditions. Hormonal imbalances, anemia, thyroid disease, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, infection, eating disorders and poor diet, smoking, menopause and auto-immune disease are some of the ways that hair loss and hair thinning may occur. Prescription drugs such as birth control pills, hormones, blood thinners, medications for high blood pressure and seizure disorder, chemotherapeudic agents, and anti-depressants may also be causes.

Before and after 22 months

Before and after 13 months

Before and after 9 months

Before and after 9 months

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