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I’m sooo very pleased to offer my endorsement of the Hair Growth Center and the genius of Dr. Moojan Donaldson!  I’ve been an enthusiastic patient for 11 months. Now in my late 60s, I can happily say, I have a very full head of hair much like I had in my 20s!

My new growth is absolutely STUNNING to see (and feel!). 

I never dreamed I would ever have hair like this at my age and after less than a year of consistently using my custom created topical liquid!  

I’m so thrilled, I will continue working with Dr Donaldson until she tells me I no longer need her!  I pray she stays healthy and safe because without her skills and expertise, I would still be bemoaning my thinning, dull lifeless hair from before!

With a success rate of promoting hair growth in “100% of the people 100% of the time”, there is absolutely no downside to giving Dr Donaldson a call!  As an extremely satisfied client, I can say with confidence: