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Dr. Donaldson has been an absolute life saver for me. I suppose that most people have certain things that bother them more than others. My hair is one of the things that I was really upset about when it started thinning. I had thick but fine hair when I was young and as I aged it continued to thin. I tried other products but didn’t see any results until I heard about Dr. Donaldson. I started using my prescription in September of 2018 and I noticed very quickly how the amount of hair loss when shampooing had lessened. Excited I continued and then I began to see new growth. About 6 months of use had made an amazing change in the appearance of my hair. Even the shininess was returning. I am now at the 10 month mark and even my hairdresser is impressed with how think my hair now is. I highly recommend Dr. Donaldson to anyone who has hair loss and thinning and want to get back the hair you once had.