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Seeing is believing!

Note that these before and after pictures demonstrate two things: how every one who enrolled in our program regrew their own hair and secondly how different the hair growth process is in each individual. Click through to see more before and afters:

After 12 months
After 11 months
After 10 months
After 14 months
After 13 months
After 7 months
After 9 months
After 12 months
After 9 months
After 18 months






Hair Loss or Hair Thinning?

Have you tried everything? Have you tried prescription medications as well as herbal remedies? Old wives tale’s, more modern solutions such as laser combs, laser band, density hair care system, laser caps, scalp injections, PRP, stem cell and more?

We understand how devastating of a condition hair loss and hair thinning can be. Please watch this video to see how Dr. Moojan Donaldson with her years of experience and expertise in the field of pharmaceutical sciences has invented a new approach to solving this very common problem. The key to her success is customization and individualization of each patient’s treatment plan. Hair loss and hair thinning is caused by different reasons in every individual. It should not be treated as one size fits all. Therefore here at Hair Regrowth Centers, we treat every individual based on their specific parameter and need. Because of our careful exploration process and very precise treatment options of each individual we have had 100% response in 100% of our patients as evidenced by the before and after pictures below.